ROWX-19 – Glass silicon polymer coating

A glass-based coating protectant with a multi-hybrid effect that contains glass silicon polymer (water repellency), modified silicone (water-sliding), low-viscosity silicone (smooth feel), and gloss-enhancing polymer coat (gloss).

Capacity: 300ml x (12 x 2) 

Product form: Liquid




  • Gloss enhancement and polymer wax formulation that expresses clear luster
  • Highly polymerized silicone compound that realizes strong water repellency → Glass silicon polymer
  • Modified silicone compound that improves water slipperiness *
    Low viscosity silicone that enhances smooth feel It is a coating agent for hands that is characterized by gloss, water repellency, and water sliding depending on the composition. In addition, cleaner performance has been added by blending a small amount of abrasive material.
  •  Durability is not appealed so that it can be easily coated when the car becomes dirty.
  • It is a coating agent that keeps the car shiny by using it frequently even in situations where water is not very available.
  1. Clean mud and oil stains on tires and wheels with a tire brush and sponge.
  2. Remove insect with the super insect remover.
  3. Hand Wash or Car wash machine.
  4. Use Zara Clean & Horse hairbrush to clean the dirt on the small parts.
  5. Remove the iron powder with water and Zeus clean.
  6. Remove water stains with Clean X-7 or White cleaner.
  7. About 2 pushes spray liquid onto the attached sponge. (Need the painted surface is dry.)
  8. Apply vertically and horizontally from 30cm to 50cm space.
  9. If not enough, spray liquid again.
  10. Wipe up with the chemical towel.
  11. While wiping with the chemical towel, please turn it inside and outside.
  12. Dry wipe completed.

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