OPTIARA V2 SPRAYER – Gloss & Water repellent spray coating

Achieves outstanding luster and water repellency with the latest coating agent.

The latest and strongest coating that becomes beautiful over time.


  • 500cc x 10 (with 2 dedicated guns)


Super easy and short time coating just by pouring only.

Brightness and water repellency will increase long time.

Original unique products make the glass component water-soluble.

What is an optical net structure?

Optiara Coat has higher water repellency immediately after application, but it has the maximum water repellency several days to 10 days after application, and its sustainability is about three times longer than before.
The reason * 1 is “Optical Net Structure * 2”. Due to the chemical changes caused by light and heat, the molecules are firmly connected like a mesh, and as time goes by, their brilliance and water repellency increase.

  • * 1 The number of days and hours vary depending on the season, weather, and daylight hours.
  • * 2 Comparison of our conventional products

<Excellent Luster and Water Repellency>

The high technology ultra-fine coating that achieves outstanding luster and water repellency through a dehydration condensation reaction caused by light and heat.

<No expensive equipment or large site required>

You can use only with a water hose and a dedicated gun, no special equipment investment or special technology required !!

<No special technology acquisition and education required>

A super simple and short time coating just by spraying and wiping.

Spraying→ Rising→ Finishing takes only 5 minutes.

  1. Spray water with OPTIARA.
  2. Press to the spray button, OPTIARA’s solution moderately.
  3. After spraying, switch to water and wash away excess liquid while watching the reaction.
  4. After rinsing off the liquid with the plenty of water. (Effective for cleaning liquid if there is a high pressure gun.)
  5. To remove water and wipe it dry with a chemical towel. (Preventaion of Unevenness).
  6. Completed after wiping dry.

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