P02 FLUORINE POLYMER COATING – Fluorine coating paint protective agent spray

By blending a special cross-linked polymer, it is possible to immobilize the fluorine resin on the coated surface, improving the long-lasting effect of gloss, water repellency, and antifouling property.

Capacity : 300ml×(12×2)

Applicable Materials : Painted surface

Car Finish : Long-lasting gloss and water repellent

Product form : Fluorine liquid



An epoch-making coating that achieves the antifouling property and water repellent of fluorine can be applied to the effect of filling small scratches and can also be used as a base material.

  1. Clean mud and oil stains on tires and wheels with a tire brush and sponge.
  2. Remove insects with a super insect cleaner as need.
  3. Car wash by car wash machine or hand wash
  4. Use “Zara Clean”and horsehair brush to clean dirt such as the small parts of molding gaps.
  5. Remove Iron Powder with water or Zara Clean+Zeus
  6. Remove water stains with Clean X-7 or White Cleaner
  7. Add water to the sponge to drain it or give a proper amount of water in the spray bottle (Workability Improvement)
  8. Apply an appropriate amount of Clean X Polymer to the sponge
  9. Apply liquid agent to the sponge and apply to body 50 cm square.
  10. When the applied over, remove water to the sponge.
  11. Drained with a sponge, trace the applied area 80% dry wipe.
  12. The remaining liquid, wipe dry with a chemical tower or special cloth.

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