KOTAC-G REVO Ⅱ – Long term durable glass coating spray

KOTAC-G REVO II is a one-component type of 100 ml of aerosol. A glass-based hard coating agent with four beats: gloss, water repellency, stain resistance, and durability.

Set contents (for 5 cans)

  •  Liquid: 5 bottles (100 ml) aerosol type
  •  Dedicated sponge: 5 sheets (green and black sponge)
  •  Rear sticker: 5 cars
  • 1 bottle usage: 1 unit used up


In addition to heat resistance and weather resistance, it also has glossiness and water repellent, and the effect lasts for a long time.

  1. Before work Aligned with the state of confirmation of the painting status of the car Recommend a level
  2. Clean tires and wheels with tire brushes and sponges
  3. Remove insects with a super insect remover as needed
  4. Car wash by car wash machine or hand wash
  5. In every corner of the car,Clean dirt using Zara clean and horsehair brush
  6. With use Zeus and Zara Clean to remove Iron Powder.
  7. Remove water stains with Clean X7 or White Cleaner
  8. Wash the above liquid well to remove water and Wipe it off.
  9. For Rubber Lie to prevent some compounds and chemical from adhering to cure.
  10. Mirror Polishing according to the situation.
  11. After polishing, apply to each panel with KOTAC-G REVOⅢ to remove surface dirt.
  12. Do a dry wipe for each panel.

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