CLEAN X POLYMER – Body paint protective spray

A paint protectant that uses water. With repeated use, you can maintain a natural shine.

Capacity       :420ml x (12 x 2)

Applicable Materials : Painted surface

Car Finish : Water repellent and Natural shine

Product form : Aerosol type spray



What is Clean X Polymer?

Although it is a little technical word, this clean X polymer reacts with water as a polymer polymer to form a thin “crosslinkable film *” on the painted surface, and “stains” caused by ultraviolet rays, acid rain, bird manure, etc. It protects the painted surface from “discoloration”.

  • * A crosslinkable film is a state in which clean X polymer molecules and water molecules undergo a chemical reaction to form a chain, as shown in the figure on the right.
  • The purpose of “Clean X Polymer”is to protect the painted surface of the car, and it does not have the repellency like a polka dot with a high lens effects, but it is a high-quality product that maintains the brilliance of new car forever.
  1. Clean mud and oil stains on tires and wheels with a tire brush and sponge.
  2. Remove insects with a super insect cleaner as need.
  3. Hand wash or car wash machine.
  4. Use ‘Zara Clean’ and horsehair brush to clean the dirt on small parts.
  5. Remove Iron Powder with water or ‘Zara Clean’+’Zeus’.
  6. Remove water stains with CleanX-7 or White Cleaner.
  7. Add water to the sponge to drain it or give a proper amount of water in spray bottle. (Workability Improvement)
  8. Apply an appropriate amount of Clean X Polymer to the sponge.
  9. Apply liquid agent to the sponge and apply to body 50cm square.
  10. When the coating finished, remove water on the sponge.
  11. Drained with a sponge, trace the applied area 80% dry wipe.
  12. The remaining liquid, wipe dry with a chemical tower or special cloth.

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