CLEAN X-GⅢ – Silicon window water repellent coating

Easy to use for beginner.
Durability : Above 1 month

Capacity : 206ml×12
Applicable Materials : Glass Surface
Ingredients : Silicone
Product form : Aerosol type spray


Super easy just to spray only. For window glass coating agent.

It is safe for the human body and the environment because it uses new silicon.

It is also effective to prevent freezing of window glass in winter.

  1. Before construction, wipe with a towel to clean the surface.
  2. Shake the can a little before applying Clean X-GⅢ.
  3. Window glass construction by half × spray like writing a mark (2.5seconds on each side)
  4. After spraying both, leave it for 3 to 5 minutes and wipe it dry.
  5. Wipe it clean until every corner.
  6. This is the water repellency image of CLEAN X-GⅢ.
  7. When it rains, wipe the water on the surface.
  8. Same number of seconds as fine weather. 2.5 second × 2
  9. The liquid agent stir with the wiper. If the water repellency is weak, repeat step ⑧&⑨.
  10. After applying liquid, the liquid is evenly uniform where the wiper is applied.
  11. After application, dry a little and wipe with a chemical towel.

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