CLEAN X-G – Fluorine window glass water repellent coating

● High polishing power glass cleaner

● Easy oil film can be removed in a short time.

● Miximum performance can be obtained without deterioration by mixing the liquid agent on the spot.

● CLEAN X-G easily to removes very strong oil film that doesn’t come off removal window washer liquid used.

● Long-lasting water carrying effect.

Durability : About 6months ~ 1 year

Applicable Materials : Glass Surface

Car Finish : Water Repellent , Long durability

Ingredients : Fluorine solution

Product form : Liquid

Capacity :

  • Fluorine solution(A) : 66ml : 1 bottle
  • Reaction solution(B): 66ml : 1 bottle
  • Glass Cleaner : 300 g : 1 bottle
  • Water Repellent Sponge : 1 piece
  • Glass Cleaner sponge : 1 piece
  • Blend bottle : 1 bottle
  • Paper Towel : 50 sheets

1Set ×4 ( 20faces ×4)




Window glass coating agent contains special fluorine. High quality recognized by professionals and repellency that lasts for a long time. It is also effective to prevent freezing of window glass in winter.

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  1. Before construction, wipe with a towel to clean the glass surface.
  2. Attach a Glass CleanX-G to an oil film removal sponge with about one 500 yen coin.
  3. Since the oil film is dropped, a uniform force is applied to the sponge from above.
  4. As a liquid, the liquid agent become transparent. Drop vertical and horizontal oil slicks.
  5. Wash the liquid will with water using the attached green sponge. At that time, it is better that the water becomes better.
  6. Soak up the water on the glass after cleaning with the included absorbent paper.
  7. Liquid A A fluorine liquid is injected to the blended bottle up to the designated scale.
  8. Liquid B A Reaction liquid is injected to the blended bottle up to the designated scale. Mix after injection.
  9. Put 2 tissues on the attached blue sponge and apply the liquid agent to the half glass.
  10. Apply the amount of the above liquid once for one half of the glass and twice for half the glass.
  11. After coating, dry a little and wipe with a tissue or chemical towel.

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