Strongly floats rust and iron powder and quickly removes dirt.

Applicable Materials : Body and window glass

Product form : Colorless transparent Liquid

Capacity : 4Lx3


Brake dust adhering to aluminum is rusted and iron powder is floated by the power of the liquid agent.

To remove dirty quickly.

  1. Do before car wash. Things to prepare-Cleaner-High Pressure Gun
  2. Spray the cleaner.-100ml in 1bottle-Price- 245円Place a large amount of spray on the back side from the front side.
  3. Spray the cleaner and after a while it turns purple when reacted with iron.
  4. High Pressure Gun Available! In particular, insert a high pressure gun on the back and wash with a person with strong pressure.
  5. Please wash thoroughly! Insert the high pressure gun to the inside of the wheel and wash.
  6. After cleaning ,the high pressure gun, drain the tires and wheels with an air gun.
  7. After draining the tires and wheels, apply wheel coating. KOTAC-G REVOⅡ
  8. Spray appropriate amount of KOTAC-G REVOⅡ on sponge.
  9. Apply the coating agent to the wheels. If less, repeat step ⑧.
  10. Small details apply carefully. After application, dry for 3 to 5 minutes.
  11. Dry carefully

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